Looking for engaging academic work to keep your students active?

Looking for engaging academic work to keep your students active? Click on any of these links:
  1. Go to https://www.slocoe.org/divisions/educational-support-services/slo-summer-learning/
  2. Log into Dreambox through your student's Clever account. Dreambox is a very effective way for your students to continue to work on grade level math skills. Our goal is for all students to master the math standards for their grade level by the end of the school year. This is a perfect opportunity to work on these standards. 

  3. Reflex Math: All students have access to Reflex Math through their Clever account. This is a great opportunity for the younger students to practice and master their addition and subtraction facts and for the older students to master multiplication and division. These skills are essential for continued success in math. This is an area we have really emphasized in school, but it also takes a lot of out of school time to master these facts.

  4. Khan Academy is an excellent resource for math learning. You can click on any skill and you will be taken through a series of video lessons. It's just like being in the classroom! If your student needs more practice in a particular area of math Khan Academy is a great place to go. This is a great resource for parents who need a little refresher so they can assist their kids (I've been there!).

  1. Log into Clever to access Learning A-Z (RAZ-Kids). Students can read stories at their instructional level and answer comprehension questions.

  2. Read books to and with your students and ask them comprehension questions as you go along. See the link above for ways to help your student increase his/her reading comprehension.

  1. A few more:

    1. Tk and Kindergarten Prompts

    2. 1st and 2nd Grade Prompts

    3. Writing Prompts for older students

    4. Expository Prompts for older students

    5. Here is a link from our Curriculum Office  to online resources

    6. Here is a link to free online resources.