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Discipline Policy

Discipline Policy

Discipline is divided into two categories: School Rules and Class Rules. School rules are rules that are listed in the Student Handbook. Class rules are the rules that are used in P.E. specifically in Mrs. Seiler's P.E. classes. The following indicates the consequences for choosing not to follow some of the most common Class Rules and School Rules in Physical Education.

School Rules:   




*Disrespecting school property (p.e. equipment)/other students or staff

**CONSEQUENCES- Automatic referral to the principal’s office

Class Rules:


*Not wearing proper P.E. clothes/shoes

*Off task behaviors/distracting others

*Not following directions

*Disrespect towards teacher or other students



*strike 1 = warning

*strike 2 = clip down/turn a card - miss a recess

*strike 3 = referral to the principal’s office/parent phone call