Grover Beach Library Access for Students

Would your student like to check out a book from the Grover Beach Elementary School Library? It’s easy! 

  • Students can access the online reservation system any time by clicking on this link or by going to
  • To reserve a book students need to use the following username and password. The username is the 5 or 6 digit student ID # and the password is their last name. Please note if the student has two last names or a hyphenated last name the student will need to enter both names without a space.  For example if your name is Christian Holst-Samuelson you would type in holstsamuelson (all one word and no hyphen) as the password. Once students log in they can search for books and place a hold on the books they want. To place a hold first select a book and then click on the icon on the right hand side that looks like a hand on top of a book. Make sure you click on the hand icon and not the icon that looks like a plus sign.  
  • Mrs. Adelman will be out in the front parking lot on Wednesdays from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm for students and families to pick up their books on Supply Pick Up days or the books can be picked up in the office from 8-4. Please remember to wear masks when you pick up the books and to maintain social distancing. Students and families can then please return books the following week. All returned books will be wiped down on the outside and will sit for 48 hours without contact before being reshelved.