Bright Futures 2018-2019 (After School Program)

Bright Futures After-School Program is funded by ASES and  21st Century state and federal grants, which allows it to be free of charge to parents.  Bright Futures is not a day-care program, but an academic program.  Students enrolled in Bright Futures receive curriculum aligned with the school day in a safe environment, with academic support and enrichment classes, from 2:45 PM to 6:00 PM.  The grants that fund Bright Futures require that students enrolled attend the program in it's entirety.  For students in elementary school, this means from regular school dismissal until 5:45 PM, every day (Kinders - 5:00 PM).  As with regular school, parents are allowed to check their students in late or out early on occasion when necessary (see our early release policy). Due to funding we are limited to 100 spots in our program. Please look at the information below and see if our program will work for your family.
Open 2:45-6:00, students must stay 3 hours a day 2:45-5:45 5 days a week. 
Kinder Program - open 1:30-6:00, students must stay a minimum of 3 hours a day 1:30-4:30 5 days a week.
Early Release Policy - may be used for parallel after school activities, medical appointments, family emergencies, and transportation issues up to 3 days a week.
Currently our BRIGHT FUTURES program is full! There may be students who don't show up or drop the program on the first day of school so please be sure to put your name on the wait list by contacting Danielle Seiler, Bright Futures Site Coordinator at [email protected]
UPDATED 8/08/2018

For more information, including forms to enroll, visit LMUSD Bright Futures.