2nd Grade


Second Grade



4.1 Rain Forest

  1. Spelling List
  2. Missing Letter
  3. Test-n-Teach
  4. Read a Word
  5. HangMouse
  6. Spelling Test
Words Their Way

Language Arts
   When to double the final consonant before -ing, -ed 
   Present and Past Tense
Speed Up For Tenses
Technology Skills:

Mrs. Whitney's class Mrs. Lubben's class Mrs. Spaeth's class




Grade Level Practice

  1. Collect 50¢ (2-player game)
  2. BrainPop jr. Tally Charts and Bar Graphs
  3. Brainpop Jr. - Pictographs
  4. Polygon Shape Game
  5. Quadrilateral Shape Game
  6. Brainpop Jr. - Basic Subtraction
  7. Brainpop Jr. - Doubles
  8. MoreStarfall Authorize
  9. MoreStarfall Addition Info
  10. Morestarfall Addition Within 10
  11. Reflex Math

IB Unit

How The World Works


States of Matter