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Welcome to the Grover Beach Library!

 "The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library."
                                                                        ~Albert Einstein
Dear Friends, 
Let me personally welcome you to our school's library!  My hope is that it can be a place that fosters inquiry, reflection and a love of books.  We strive to make this a place that students and their families can feel at home.
We are so excited about the recent renovations to our library.  With the help of a USDA grant, our library was able to expand into the space of two classrooms, be fully equipped with WiFi and furnished with new tables, chairs and heavy duty shelving.  The grant also helped obtain a set of chrome books for our students and a chrome book cart for charging them.  The expansion has meant that our library has become a hub for Grover Beach school and, as such, is used for community meetings, staff Professional Development, staff meetings and much more.
Earlier this school year,  the LMUSD Board of Trustees reinstated funding for library materials.  This increase in funds allowed us to purchase beautiful, new books to support not only our school's IB curriculum, but also award winners and popular titles.  All students check out books on a weekly basis, with students in grades 2-6 being allowed to renew books for up to three weeks.  As you can see in the photo below, our students are thrilled to be able to explore these extraordinary new titles.  
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