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Grover Beach Elementary

Gifted and Talented Education

After School Enrichment Program

The aim of our developing Grover Beach GATE program is to provide enrichment opportunities that promote 21st Century skills for our advanced student population in science, technology, engineering, and the literary/visual arts.

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There will be 2 levels of student work using Google’s CS First.  One group will create and share original projects at the introductory level. The older group will create  and share more advanced CS First coding projects with a theme to be determined.

We use Scratch to create our projects.



We are excited to add a literary element in our Enrichment program.  This program is designed to encourage students to read, listen and speak about quality literature.  They will read books from an approved list and meet to challenge each others’ knowledge of those books to develop Communication skills. Our goal is to have a competition like the one at the county level.




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DI is one of the most popular after school programs for fueling creativity and innovation. Students learn teamwork, leadership, positive thinking, project management and many other skills to help prepare them for the 21st century workforce. DI participants excel in creative and critical thinking, increase their self-confidence, and improve their problem-solving skills.


Our goal is to send a team of 5th/6th graders to this year's Central Coast Regional Tournament and them have Instant Challenges for the 4th and 5th graders in the Spring.

The Two Components of the DI™ Program

The (full) Destination Imagination program asks teams to creatively solve two different kinds of Challenges, each with its own purpose and educational focus. The two Challenges, or components, are called the Team Challenge and the Instant Challenge* (*This is the one that Grover Beach Elementary will practice this year).  Teams present their solutions to both Challenges at a Tournament where the solutions are evaluated by friendly people we call “Appraisers".

1. Destination Imagination® Instant Challenge

The Destination Imagination® Instant Challenge is a Challenge that teams are asked to solve in a very short period of time at their Tournament, without knowing ahead of time what the Challenge will be. Instant Challenges engage participants in rapid-fire critical thinking, creative problem-solving, and teamwork.  Teams are judged on their use of available materials and teamwork under tight time constraints.  Teams are encouraged to develop creative problem-solving and time management strategies, performance and improvisational techniques.  Students learn how to develop the ability to quickly assess the properties of provided materials, and learn how to creatively manipulate materials for a unique solution.

Participation on a competing team in this program helps students to develop the skills needed to meet the requirements of  21st Century Skills, Common Core, and STEAM.


2. Team Challenge

The Destination ImagiNation Team Challenge is a Challenge teams work on over a long period of time, usually several months. This year, Destination ImagiNation® presents seven Team Challenges (six  competitive Challenges, and a Rising Stars!® non-competitive Challenge), and each team generally chooses one Challenge to solve.

Here are our Grover Beach Mega Golden Gophers, who took 3rd place in the elementary Improvisational Challenge at the Central Coast Regional Tournament and advanced to the State Finals.


More information about DI is below and more can be found on the DI website.

From the DI site:







This is an important piece in our enrichment program to encourage innovation, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity in technology.  
Qualified student teams will build, use, and modify robots to complete tasks and compete in local competitions.


We are excited to provide artistic instruction at this level to encourage creative, original, and meaningful expression.  We will  provide a real artist experience, complete with Art Show at Open House.



Students will receive professional chess instruction in game basics and strategy.  Students will participate in weekly chess matches to demonstrate the acquisition of skills.  Our goal is to have a friendly competition with Grover Heights.