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Course Goals

Course Goals

Thanks for taking the time to look at the course goals for Physical Education.

First I'd like to share some interesting information with you. Did you know that the California Education Code allows for elementary students to get 200 minutes of P.E. in 10 days? The Lucia Mar School District decided to reach this by providing 100 minutes of P.E. two times a week (2 fifty minute periods). Although I believe students could use more, my goal is to provide them with exciting, fun, and challenging activities that will lead them to become lifetime movers and strive for over-all wellness. My program follows the California State Framework for Physical Education which includes integrating Common Core Standards and 21st Century Skills which includes integrating both Common Core Standards and 21st Century Skills.

The three main goals of the Physical Education State Framework are to work on

(1) BODY -Movement Concepts and Knowledge

(2) MIND - Self Image and

(3) CHARACTER - Social Skills

It's exciting to see how the "whole child" is emphasized in the Framework's goals. The Framework stresses how we are to teach a variety of movement concepts throughout the year. Therefore, we teach 10 major movement concepts that are divided into units. The Framework also stresses how children are to be successful at their own rate so we teach with "progressions". We start by breaking the skill down to its basic part and when the child has mastered it, we add more to the skill to make it harder. It is imperative to allow our children to work at their own level and to go as fast or slow as needed. This is easily done with progressions and the child feels successful!! Once all skills are mastered for a sport, we then play games of that sport.