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Medical Notes

Medical Notes

Students must bring a medical note from a parent or guardian to be excused from P.E. (A classroom teacher cannot excuse your child from P.E.) If your child is going to be out from P.E. for more than 3 consecutive days a doctor's note will be required or his/her grade will be lowered due to lack of participation. Notes need to be specific and list permissible activities that your child can participate in (i.e. walking).


If your child does not participate in P.E. due to a note then your child will be expected to sit out during recess. Remind your child that he/she will not be able to play at morning/lunch/or afternoon recess and will sit on the bench.

Lastly, please make sure your child's medical records are updated. I want every child to be cared for properly. Safety is a priority in P.E.